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"Matt exceeded and redefined his role many times over. He has a rare gift in an ability to work with some of the most troubled young adults, showing them their life and voice matter. Specifically, he has worked magic with young adults who are struggling to find a place of belonging and inclusion.


One individual that comes to mind is a gifted musician who was struggling with her sexual identity and owning her sexual preference. She had already found music as an outlet but had not yet found a community with which to belong. She was brought into a group, facilitated by Matt, and she instantly found a sense of belonging and family. She was called on for her expertise and was allowed to shine individually and as a member of a band. Within a matter of days Matt had her doing city shows as a solo artist and as a member of a group. She later shared with me that Matt had saved her life."

Tara Morgan, COO/Dominion Care

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