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With a wealth of unique and diverse experiences, Matt has the singular ability to renew the passion, 
purpose, and focus that is so integral to your programs success. An abundance of knowledge, creativity, innovation and empathy makes Matt the right fit for the distinctive needs of your organization and clients. 


Matt has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences, trainings and conventions. His groundbreaking "Unleash Your Voice" program introduced music to Title 1 schools with an immersive approach that was very succesful. These experiences, amongst many others, have led Matt to create a proven method that will energize, motivate while renewing passion, perspective and purpose in your team. 



 For two decades, Matt has provided music and arts outreach to Treatment Centers, Clinics, Schools, Groups and Individuals that improve confidence, trust, and sense of personal responsibility as it builds upon purpose, passion and focus. His innovative and proven “Collaborative Creative Healing” approach combines all of our projects so that we can support each other creatively as we rebuild ourselves spiritually without sacrificing privacy or emotional boundaries.
   For example, a song begun by a resident at an adolescent psychiatric health facility in California can be added to by others from around the world, creating a unifying, shared vision yet without sacrificing privacy or HIPAA policy.
We are now accepting Self-Determination Clients and Programs. 
In 2019, Matt received the SXSW Community Service Award in Austin, TX. 

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