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Host, Here We Are Now

Music and Arts Specialist

Since 2003, Matt Collette (formerly Wilczynski)  has provided music and arts outreach to groups and individuals of all ages to improve confidence, trust, and connection through building purpose, passion and focus.

Matt has worked with a variety of people in his music and arts intervention, always with the same goals: Improving confidence, overcoming trauma, taking personal responsibility and gaining independence through creativity. His interventions are easily tailored to individual presentation, acuity, and need.

Matt has provided services at treatment centers, rehabs, hospitals, DMH-funded settings, and private residences throughout Southern California using a “Collaborative Creative Healing” approach. Interventions focus on original creative thought in a manner that is accessible and process-focused as a tool to renew the spirit and heal wounded hearts by co-creating music, film and art. His innovative approach encourages thoughtful collaboration on projects so clients can support each other creatively as they heal, without sacrificing privacy or emotional boundaries.


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